Black and white town vol. 1

My generous girlfriend recently bought me my first 35mm camera from a stall on Brick Lane called Film's Not Dead.

The camera stayed in its box for over week as I watched a dozen YouTube tutorials on how to operate my new, old Olympus OM-10. With each tutorial, a deeper sense of shame developed inside me. This camera would expose me as a fraud. Just another member of the quick and easy Instagram generation that hide behind overexposed filters and witty hashtags.

I loaded my first roll of film into the back of the camera with trepidation – I was told that black and white film would be forgiving to a first-timer like me. Not even convinced that I'd loaded the film correctly, I traipsed around London and snapped away with no real purpose except to reach the end of the film, get it developed and see if I was any good or not.

The results are below. Let me know what you think.

Words and photography: Elliott Lewis-George