Palms out

The only things I'd really seen of Morocco before flying over there for some winter sun, were Instagram snaps of souks (tagged up with #wanderlust, naturally) and a film shot by The Rig Out for Clarks Originals.

Basically, Marrakech looked like a mad adventure; full of colourful riads, sweet smelling spices and a fair few camels. However, like true Brits, we touched down at the hotel and realised we simply couldn't be motivated to move further than the pool, never mind barter for furniture that wouldn't fit on the EasyJet flight home, during the four days we were there.

So, I guess what I'm trying to get at is that my pictures are probably a bit shit in comparison to the ones you'd find if you searched #wanderlust on Instagram.

Nice palm trees though, yeah?

Words and endless palm tree photos: Elliott Lewis-George