Radar Radio with X Gets The Crest

I'd only ever DJ'd on radio twice before Saturday swung around. Both times were on the excellent NTS radio — from the small Dalston studio that streams far and wide across the world. My first appearance was as a guest on my pal Avi Del Mono's show and the second was when I took the controls for a full two hours.

Last Saturday I woke to a bunch of DMs from Avi asking whether I fancied going b2b with my old time DJ compadre X Gets The Crest (George to his ma) on Radar Radio — another digital radio station that's making major movements in the underground.

I declined the offer at first because I had little more than 30 minutes to get out of bed, dust off some records and grab an Uber across east London. Oh, and I hadn't played out for months so was fairly certain I'd be terrible.

With a little persuading and a bubbling sense of FOMO, I decided to step up and play. Other than clang a bunch of mixes, run out of records, say something ridiculous live on air and get mercilessly slaughtered online. What's the worst that could happen? 

Thankfully it turned out to be a good scene – except for some train-wreck mixes but that's just because I'm a bit rusty ;-).

You can listen to the b2b session from myself and X Gets The Crest below. We decided to play a disco and funky-type selection that we wouldn't usually play out in clubs but complimented a sunny afternoon in the capital.