Rhythmic Rates

Everybody loves a list. According to the folk who really like to overthink stuff, making a list quells anxiety and breeds creativity. On the flip, reading them means you don't have to commit to endless paragraphs of wittering nonsense, you can just scan straight to the point of interest.

With that in mind, I thought I'd start putting together a weekly list* of that stuff online that's appealed to me that week. This seems to be common practice amongst them-wot-blog so I'm doing anything revolutionary here; I'm just sharing the things talented people have created that have floated my boat in this deep sea of cool we call the Internet.

Trust me, there'll be no clickbait and no thuglife cat content – sorry.

*Nailed myself to the cross a bit there. I'll be impressed if I actually post one list per week.

So without further rambling, here's the first Rhythmic Rates list for you to click through…

  • See what the lads from Oi Polloi got up to in New York
    It's partly down to the regular 'Dispatches From…' blog posts from main Manc menswear mandem Oi Polloi that inspired me to pick up a 35mm camera a few months back. This latest collection of snaps come straight from the streets of NYC during a recent buying trip.
  • Soak up this 120 minute mix from Tama Sumo
    Despite never seeing Tama Sumo play out live, the Panorama Bar resident is probably one of my favourite DJs. I always revisit this Boiler Room session straight from Sumo's living froom and now you and I both can get stuck into a new mix of house and disco from the selector herself that celebrates 10 years of the XLR8R music blog's series of podcasts.
  • Get to know the Red Light Radio & Records family
    Broadcasting live and direct from an old brothel in Amsterdam's Red Light District, Red Light Radio (see what they did there) is one of my favourite digital radio stations around right now. This film produced by the discerning Dutch electronic festival Dekmantel sheds some light on the founders behind the eclectic station and its sister record shop.
  • Make a new Freunde Von Freunden
    I should write an ode dedicated entirely the excellent international interview magazine Freunde Von Freunden. If Rhythmic Clicking is the scruffy, illiterate oik that always shows up late and without beers to the big content bash then FvF is the captivating cat in the corner who's cool with everyone. I don't know what I'm going on about here but you might get the point. If not, then check out the latest inspirational interview with Cali-based photographer Dylan Gordon.
  • Watch Landscape of Teenagers
    It's thanks to the lads over at my favourite mag out right now, Law Magazine, that I discovered this moving montage of portraits put together by Brighton-based photographer Juliet Klottrup, that manages to effortlessly capture the split personalities of adolescents.
  • Listen to Hyponik mix 271 by Earl Jeffers
    Earl Jeffers makes the kind of records that I can buy without even listening to them first. Jeffers' recent Gloria EP still finds itself at the front of my record crate so it didn't take me long to start dancing around my apartment in nowt but my boxers upon hearing this recent mix for Hyponik.