Umbrella Magazine, issue 13

Umbrella is a magazine for men who wear coats from Scandinavia, trainers from Germany and denim from Japan. It's for men with their feet firmly in the city and their heads in the details of great design, food and all that other stuff that's just really interesting.

Umbrella looks great, feels great and even smells great. Although I'm bound to sing the mag's praises because I've been a contributing writer since the mag's early days as an online only offering.

Nowadays, Umbrella's available in glorious print and seems to be causing quite a scene with the #PrintIsNotDead posse. Now you can grab a tangible copy to whip out of your Filson tote in coffee shops to appear at least 68% trendier.

Issue 13 is out now and features a run down of beautifully designed passport covers, Japan's bullet train and an abundance of lovely coats, obviously. If that's not enough, I've written pieces about the simple pleasures of sweet potato, brutalist architecture and Garbstore founder Ian Paley.

You can grab a copy of Umbrella from Steeple Pine, that's also stocking some smart Umbrella pin badges that'll make you look like you're in a weather-conscious cult. You can also read the magazine online but I've already said that's half the fun.